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MyCEATI is a web-based tool for Utility Members to access the many available resources afforded by participation in CEATI's various Interest Groups and Task Forces.

If your organization is currently a CEATI member participant, simply register using your corporate e-mail address. Don't know if you're already a member? Please consult the Utility Participation Map.

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This website and all of its contents are the property of CEATI International ("CEATI"). Please read the Agreement below carefully.


In order to protect our online portal and the members of our community, we need the following end-user license terms to set out the rules for accessing, downloading or otherwise using the portal and the contents contained herein, including but not limited to the event calendar, reports, projects, agendas, minutes, information exchanges, webinar recordings and conference proceeding (collective known as the "Portal"). This license is the legal agreement between you and CEATI and describes the terms and conditions for using the Portal.

We don't like to overcomplicate things or bore you with legal jargon. We value your time, so we have tried to keep this as short as possible. If you violate the rules, we may stop you from using the Portal. If you flagrantly disregard the rules, we have good lawyers.


You must not distribute anything in the Portal unless we have specifically agreed to it, in writing. For example, don't do any of the following:

i. Give other people your portal username and/or password
ii. Give copies of anything contained in the portal
iii. Make commercial use of anything contained in the portal
iv. Try to monetize or financially benefit from anything contained in this portal, either for yourself or any other party or parties


You have been granted a license to the Portal so you can use it yourself, on your personal or work devices.

The license and permission we give you to use the Portal can be revoked if you break any of the terms of this EULA.

When you register, you receive a license that gives you permission to use the Portal. This permission is personal to you, so you are not allowed to distribute your username and/or password to anyone else.

Do not make commercial use of anything contained in the Portal unless you've received written permission from CEATI to do so.


We are granting you a license to use the Portal. We are still the owners of it. You have been granted a license to use the Portal, in accordance with your payment and participation in one or more CEATI Programs. You are not buying the Portal itself. Your rights are governed in accordance with this EULA.


You agree that everything contained in the Portal is protected by copyright belonging to CEATI and you have been granted a simple license to use these materials as an employee of a participating utility.


You agree that all intellectual property held in the Portal belongs to CEATI and that you have been granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access the Portal. Should you no longer be employed by this utility, you are forbidden to continue accessing the Portal or using any CEATI materials from the Portal, either in electronic or printed formats.